Alright, you made it to our third training. We hope you feel confident in the system however, we have so many ways for you to reach out to us if you need a hand. You can reach us via our live chat or you can contact your trainer/account manager by their information at the bottom of every email they send you. You'll also see their schedule links where you can see their available times and set up a training with them if you ever need to.

Customer Account Data

Customer account data is where you can view all of the customer's information you have put into the system. Such as any payment methods, emails, jobs, and logs of all events on their account.

The Account Data Tab is a general overview of everything for the customer.

The Estimates Tab is where you can view all of their estimates, see their customer portal and send them the link to their estimate.

The Moves Tab will show you all of the customer's booked jobs you can view the BoL and invoices.

The Emails tab is where you can see and resend emails that have been sent via automated emails.

The Payments Tab will show you the customer's history of Payments and can view/add payment methods to their account.

Manage Tab

The Manage Tab will have everything that is in regards to managing how your system calculates prices and has all of your information in the system.

Estimate setting you may have gone over for the verbiage however the estimate settings is how your system calculates the estimated prices

Additional Charges are where you can add anything such as Piano Fees, Military discounts, or any line items you want to add to your system.

Inventory is for all of the items you will see in your system when adding items to an estimate.

Packing Materials is where you can assign prices, flat packing rates, and hourly packing times for each item you will use when packing.

Referred sources are to keep track of how people are hearing about your business and any lead providers you may use.

Fleets are to manage/add your trucks to the system


Reports are used for all information in regards to sales, estimates, reviews, payments, cancelations, and lead sources.

Sales Report will show you reports for all jobs that have been closed out.

Estimates Report will show you your reports for all estimates that you have sent out.

Sent Email Reports will show you a log of every automated email sent out through your system.

Storage (For Full Service only)

Storage for all of your customers can be done in our software. With features like auto pay and storage portals, they can change their payment methods or pay through there.

You may have completed your training but there is still so much more MoveitPro can do for your system. Such as our Call Center, Automated Sms, Customer live chat, Recording calls, and our Pro App. We are always working on improving and adding features to our software. We always appreciate your feedback so please feel free to message us in chat if you ever need any assistance or want to add any of our other features to your system.

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