The Following steps shown in RED below will lead you to the estimate settings.

Mileage Calculation method

The First tab of this page shown in the RED box allows you to the Mileage Calculation method. The First option (Worse Case Calc) will start charging from the moment you leave your office to when you return after the job.

The second method (Point to Point) Will start the time from when you arrive until you finish unloading at the new destination.

Labor Price Estimate

The next tab shown in the Orange box is where you are able to adjust your Labor Price Estimate. Here you are able to set your Price per hour for the number of movers you have.

To add a rate, click the Green add labor rate button. Put the number of people you want and then the price and hit save.

After you save the initial price you are also able to put your Base Prices and your Pack Rate Per Hour for the number of crew needed. Once you make changes to these prices make sure you hit update.

The bottom settings as shown below adjust different aspects of your estimates.

(Black) Minimum type: This allows you to choose whether travel time is included in your minimum hours or if it adds on top of your minimum hours.

(Maroon) Inventory Type: Percentage Inventory goes based on the square footage of a room vs Itemized inventory which is a complete list of items.

(Red) Inventory Type for Iframe: This adjusts the inventory type in conjunction with our iframe on your website when a customer submits an online quote.

(Orange) Hourly Rate Type: This allows you to choose to charge hourly for the whole day or per employee and the number of hours they worked on a job.

(Yellow) Iframe Auto-Calculate: This refers to when a customer is creating an online quote and updates the inventory in the system based on what they have selected.

(Lime) Sort Inventory Vertically: Changes the inventory layout in step 2 from horizontally to vertically.

(Green) Default Type: This allows you to choose the default housing option for every estimate on step 1 of the estimate process.

(Purple) Default Floor: This allows you to set the default floor on step one of the estimate process.

Days Capacity

Days Capacity: Shown in the Yellow box below. Here you can set the number of jobs you can do per day. How many workers you have and the number of trucks you have.

This is also where you can set recurring do not book days as well.

Quoted Defaults

Hourly Service Quoted Defaults: Here you can set the default settings that appear on the left side of the estimate on step 6 of the estimate process.

In these fields, you can put what you want the notes to say regarding your hourly prices.

In the Green Box below, Guaranteed quote Service Quoted defaults are the settings for guaranteed quotes. Just like the settings above, these will appear on the left-hand side of your guaranteed quote.

The Not to exceed service quoted defaults allow you to set the defaults on the left for your not to exceed estimates.

Edit Verbiage

The Edit Verbiage tab allows you to change the verbiage boxes on an estimate that the customer sees on the right-hand side.

Customer Portal

The Customer Portal allows you to prevent the customer from seeing specific fields and their pricing when they are sent the estimate

Below are the text fields that show on the customer portal. By clicking the pencil, you are able to edit the text in these fields to better reflect your company.

Tariff Defaults

Tariff Defaults allow you to change the text about the tariffs and the notes that appear in the section.

Company FAQ/ General info

Company FAQ/ General info Is where you can put all the different information about your company for the call center or anyone that is answering the phone and give them a quick lookup for the most asked questions and info.

The Booking disclaimer box will pop up before a booking is made with any information that you want the agent to know before they book the job.

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