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Editing Estimate Verbiage
Editing Estimate Verbiage

How to edit the verbiage for your estimates

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How to get to the Main Estimate Settings

You can get to the Estimate settings by going to Manage > Estimate Settings > Main Estimate Settings

Estimate Setting Tabs

Red: Hourly Service Quoted Defaults

Blue: Guaranteed Quote Service Defaults

Green: Not to Exceed Service Quoted Defaults

These tabs will let you change the default settings for each of these different types of estimates.

Default Texts/Notes

At the bottom of the page you will see an area where you can edit

Red: Estimate's price text which is what will appear next to where the customer will sign in the customer portal

Blue: Default Estimate Notes is to have notes that will show up on every estimate that you can change once in the estimate these will just default to be on there.

Green: Hourly/Not to Exceed/Guaranteed Notes are notes that will appear on the bottom of the customers copy of the estimate.

How it will appear for the customer

Red: Is the price text notes

Blue: Is for the estimate notes

Green: is for the Hourly/Not to Exceed/Guaranteed Notes

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