Functionality of the base price example:

If you set the base price at $100 for 2 men.
This means that for the first 3 hours (your minimum) it will charge a FLAT RATE of $100 instead if $85/hr.

Once the 3 hour minimum has exceeded it will THEN begin to charge per hour at the hourly rate of $85/hr. This is added ON TOP of the base price (flat price) of $100.

So, say it is a 4 hours job.
The first 3 hours will be $100. Then for 1 hour it will be $85. So a total of $185.

In order to update your hourly rates per crew size you will want navigate to the following:

Manage > Admin > Settings > Estimates > Estimate Settings

Inside of Estimate Settings Page, you will click into the labor price estimate tab(Hot Pink Box):

Inside of the labor price estimate tab you will see the page below: 

Base Price (Orange): The "base price" column is where you will add in the rate for your base price. 

Actions (Purple): After adding in your base price select the "Update" button under the actions column so that this pricing will stay in place. 

Minimum Hours (Yellow): How many hours of the move the base price will cover. 

Charge After Minimum Hours (Blue): Checking off the box for charge after minimum hours is how you would officially turn on the base price feature, without this box checked off the feature will not work.

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