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DO NOT BOOK button
DO NOT BOOK button

The DO NOT BOOK button is a great way to remind your sales team which days you are not open or already fully booked

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*This does not mean the system won't allow you to book jobs for that day, just documentation on the calendar*

DO NOT BOOK is a very helpful feature that can serve two functions. The first way is to mark days you do not want jobs booked on. To access this, you can go to your monthly calendar and select the day you want:

You will then be able to access the daily schedule page shown in the first image below.

From here select the DO NOT BOOK check box show so it lights up blue.

This is Highlighted in the Green Box below

When you go back into your monthly calendar it will show that day with a red DO NOT BOOK BOX on the day that was selected.

As shown in the Pink box below.

The Second way DO NOT BOOK can be used is on the day you are working but have reached the maximum volume you can handle for the day. You can use DO NOT BOOK to let the office staff know that there is no more availability for the day.

This is shown in the screenshot below highlighted with the purple box.

You can also make it to where certain days of the week are defaulted to be DO NOT BOOK. This is good to do if there are days that you are always closed and don’t want to manually mark it off every time. This is shown in the screenshots below.

Start by going into the settings shown below.

Manage > Estimate Settings > Main Estimate Settings

Once here, you will come to the page shown below. From here you will click on the tab called days capacity.

As shown in the Orange box.

From here you select the dropdown box on the right-hand side and select the days you want DO NOT BOOK to be defaulted on, as shown in the Yellow box below. Then, Hit the green update day button and that day will be marked DO NOT BOOK every week.

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