To access your "Labor Payroll" Report follow the Tabs below:
Reports--->Payroll--->Labor Payroll

Once on this page you have the options to select the dates you would like to view the report for.

  • (RED) - Time Period: The time period you'd like to see in the report 

  • (ORANGE) - Check Stub/Detailed/Closed Out Price: The type of payroll report you'd like to generate

  • (GREEN) - View/Export to PDF/Export to CSV: Here you select the format you'd like the report to generate. View generates directly on this page in MoveItPro. You can also export to PDF or CSV.

  • (YELLOW) - Branch/Laborers: Here you can select which branch to generate reports for and which laborers to include on the report. 

  • (BLUE) - Labor Payroll Records: The Labor Payroll report will generate as shown if you select "view"

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