To begin adding a fleet you will want to go Manage> Fleets> Fleet

To add a fleet, you will click on 'Add Fleet' at the top right.

It is up to you what information you would like to give the system but take note that all boxes will need a value to create a fleet. You are able to just put random values in if you wish.

When adding a fleet, there are two important places regard.

First is the dimension. Adding the dimensions is important because it is ensuring your trucks are big enough for your moves. This setting is how the system bases how many trucks you will need for a job. When adding dimensions, it is going to auto populate the CUFT capacity for you.

Second is the hourly rate. If you have an hourly rate for your trucks you are able to add it here. Be mindful that this will add to your pricing automatically when creating estimates and will add to the labor rate that is already in your estimate settings.

Once you are finished, you will want to click 'Save'.

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