In order to add a Customer Storage Account you will first need to make sure you have a Storage Facility Set up within your system.

Once this is done, you can then search the customer you wish to add a Storage Account for.
Once in the customers account, you will go to the "Storage" Tab. (highlighted in ORANGE below).

Highlighted in RED in the image above is where to add a new Storage Account for your customer. Once selected you will see the screen below:

Status (RED) - Choose between "Current Storage" or "Past Storage"

Move-in Date/Est. Move-out Date (Orange) -
Beginning and end date for storage term

Estimate (YELLOW) -
Attach a customer's estimate here

Facility (GREEN) -
Select which facility is being leased. This will open two further drop-downs to choose the type of vault and quantity of units being leased.

Payment Details (BLUE) -
Add the monthly fee, autopay details, and charge date here

Location (PURPLE) -
Where in the facility the customer will find their unit

Opening Balance (PINK) -
Add a deposit here (if applicable)

Cuft and Weight (Brown) -
Auto-fills based on the dimensions of your vaults

Create and Cancel (GREY) - Final step! Create your storage or cancel the entry.

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