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Adding Additional Charges / Services
Adding Additional Charges / Services
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You have the ability to add "Additional Charges" to your system.
To do so you will go to Manage > Estimate Settings > Additional Charges.

Once in your Additional Charges you will be able to add a "New Additional Charge" by selecting the Blue button in the top right hand side of your screen.

Action - Update (GREEN): updates individual charge after a change is made

Action - Delete (RED): deletes a charge 

Percentage charge (ORANGE): charges a percent of the total if number is entered with a % symbol

Dollar charge (YELLOW): charges a flat dollar amount if entered as a whole number with a decimal

Default (Purple): when checked this charge will appear as a default on the estimate

Note: discounts can be added here as a negative number
Don't forget to click "Update" after each change. :)

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