You can add as many employees into your system as you wish. This is very simple and can be accomplished in a few steps.

Note: While you can add your new Employee's info, a MoveitPro employee needs to set permissions before they are able to view anything. Simply hop into chat and request permissions for your Employee and we'll get everything ready to go!

To get started, head to Manage > HR > Employees.

On the Employees page, you can see all current employees and a blue "New Employee" button in the top right corner.

Click "New Employee" and it will take you to the "Identity" page. Here you can enter all the necessary information to create the employee's basic profile.

The sections marked in RED (First name, Last name, Employee Designation, and Time Zone) are REQUIRED in order to click "Create" and move forward.

The information in RED is needed for the system to operate and assign information properly. Such as assigning jobs, tasks, etc.

Sections marked in GREEN (Middle name, Nick name, S.S.N, Date of Birth, Branch, Gender, and Relationship) are OPTIONAL.

Choosing to leave these blank will not affect the operations of the system. However, we do highly recommend adding Contact Information for each of your employees as certain email triggers will not function correctly without it.

The section marked in YELLOW (User name) is generated automatically by the system when the first and last names are entered.

After filling out the info and clicking "Create," you will be presented with the new employee's main "Identity" page. This is the main page of each employee's account.

Once on this page, you will be able to work through each tab to add additional information such as an Hourly Rate, Commission Rate, Hire Date, etc.

(You can find this section under "Employment Details" marked in RED below.)

'Scheduling' (marked above in YELLOW) is where you would be able to mark the employee as "Assignable" to jobs.
For instance, if this is a crew lead, driver, or helper, you will want to be able to assign them to trucks on the dispatching page (SEE IMAGE BELOW).

Once you have marked the employee as Assignable, make sure to click "Save".

You can then move to the Logins & Permissions Tab.

Once in this tab you will then be able to enter in specified information for the employee to log into the system.

  • User Name (RED): Here you can change the user name for each employee. It will automatically assign the user name using their First and Last name with no spaces unless otherwise changed.

  • Email (ORANGE): Here you can add an email address so the employee can reset their password if forgotten.

  • Driver's License (YELLOW): You can add in the employees driver's license number here.

  • Password (GREEN): Here you can give a password for each employee.
    **(Password must contain MUST be at least 8 Characters long and have AT LEAST: One Capital Letter, One Lower Case Letter, One Numerical Character, and One Special Character.)**

  • Two-Factor Authentication (BLUE): This gives you the option to give an extra security measure in the log in process by sending an Authentication Code to their cell phone via text.
    (You can send this code with every login, or Once per Computer.)

  • Status (PURPLE): This give you the option to mark your employee Active or Inactive. An employee would be marked Inactive if they have Quit or were Terminated.

  • SAVE (PINK): Make sure to click Save! =)


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