As time goes by you will find that you need to add additional items that should show up when doing an estimate for customers for the inventory page. 

Only admins have the permissions to add new inventory items.
To open up the "Inventories Management" page go to "MANAGE > ADMIN > SETTINGS > ESTIMATES > INVENTORIES" as seen below.

Once on this page you will see a table with all of the current Inventory Items listed.

  • ID (RED): These numbers go in sequential order. If you are adding new items the ID Number needs to be the next number after the last inventory item already in the system. This is to prevent inventory ID Numbers from overlapping.

  • Name (ORANGE): This is the name that will show on the inventory list when on the Inventory Page, as well as on estimates, work orders, etc.

  • CuFT (YELLOW): This is the estimated cubic feet for this item. (This information can be found on Google).

  • Lbs (GREEN): This is the estimated weight for this item. (This information can be found on Google).

  • Message (BLUE): This is just a message to employees if needed for each item.

  • Category (PURPLE): This drop down is to set the category that this item will show up in. (ie: Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, etc).

  • Moving Time (LIGHT PINK): This is the estimated man hour time to add for this item for hourly estimates. For instance, if it takes 2 men 5 minutes then this field would be 10. This value is based only on the time to get from the house to truck, and then truck to house with easy access for both locations and both 1st floor.

  • Oversize (SKY BLUE): Check this if this is an oversize item. (For the Percentage inventory option)

  • Taxable (LIGHT GREEN): Check this if this item should have tax applied.

  • Actions (BLACK): If you edit any of the fields you will need to click "Update" for that row to update the information. Click "Delete" to delete an item from your entire inventory. 

To add a new item click on "New Inventory", the blue button at the top right. The below screen will show and you will just need to enter in the correct information. For the Weight, Cuft, etc. 

If your company uses a Tariff, you can find this information there. Otherwise you can find an Approximate Weight and CuFt on Google.

If you have questions regarding this please contact the support staff, and we will help you with setting up additional inventory.

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