NOTE: Only admins have the permissions to be able to add and edit packing materials.

To open up the "Packing Materials Management" page you will go to:
(as seen below).

When in the "Packing Materials Management" page you are able to add additional packing materials by clicking on the blue "New Packing Material" (RED) button at the top right of your screen.

  • Show In Portal (ORANGE): This check box will give you the option to allow your customers to see the Packing Materials you sell, along with the cost of each when in the Customer Portal.

  • Name (YELLOW): The name of the packing material being added/ updated.

  • Price (GREEN): The price for each packing material.

  • Actions - Update (BLUE): If you edit any of the fields you will need to click "Update" for that row to update.

  • Actions - Delete (PURPLE): If you would like to delete any of the packing materials select "Delete" under Actions.

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