Setting up your Account

When starting up your account you will receive your login and password. You can update this password and set up your email for automatic password resets in the event you forget your password or your account is deactivated due to multiple login attempts.

Dashboard Overview

Once you have signed in and set up your account you will be able to see your dashboard. If you only have a Sales Representative you will have a limited view but this will show you everything you will need

Dispatch Page

The Dispatch Page will have all of your jobs and surveys for the day.

Creating an Estimate

There are six steps to creating an estimate. These articles here will help you in making the estimate.

Step 1: The Move info is where you will enter addresses of any extra stops and calculate your route

Step 2: The Inventory tab, is where you will add all the items you will be moving for the customer. we have two different types of inventory "itemized" and "Percentage"

Step 3: The material tab is where you can edit and alter the packing materials you will be selling, renting, or using in the move you are booking

Step 4:The Pack labor is basically who and how are you charging for the packing

Step 5: The storage so if you're including storage in your estimate this is where you will add it

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Currently, we are still developing step 5 as this is a new feature for our software we still have other places you can add storage if you'd like to learn.

Step 6: The Quote is where you can do an overview of the estimate and get the pricing for the estimate.

Booking an estimate

Once you have everything Settled and ready to book the Job you can create a new event and put it on the calendar and don't forget to assign it to a truck or move pool.

Multiday Move

If you need to break up that big job in multiple days here is how you would do that.

Customer Account Data

Customer's account data is where you can view all of the customer's information you have put into the system. Such as any payment methods, emails, jobs, and logs of all events on their account.

The Account Data Tab is a general overview of everything for the customer

The Estimates Tab is where you can view all of their estimates, see their customer portal and send them the link to their estimate

The Moves Tab will show you all of the customers booked jobs you can view the BoL and invoices

The Emails tab is where you can see and resend emails that have been sent via automated emails

The Payments Tab will show you the customers history of Payments and can view/add payment methods to their account

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