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Creating a New Estimate
Creating an Estimate - Tab 2: "Percentage Inventory"
Creating an Estimate - Tab 2: "Percentage Inventory"
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Under the “Percentage Inventory” tab, the following needs to be filled out:

  • Total Square Footage (RED): The square footage of the customer's location.

  • Total Estimated Boxes/Totes (ORANGE): How many boxes/totes does the customer anticipates needing to be moved. (not required but we suggest you input a figure here as it will add additional time and weight accordingly)

  • Add Rooms (YELLOW): You will want to ask the customer how many bedrooms/rooms are in the home they are moving out of and add these rooms accordingly.

    Once rooms are added, you will then be able to select each room type from the drop down lists  and then move the bar either over 100% for a room that is more full (ex. hoarders), or under 100% if the room is less full (ex. if the customer is selling furniture). (When left at exactly 100% the room is set to the standard amount of items found in that room). The Yellow Pencil Icon allows you to leave notes for each room. The number drop down is to identify which floor each room is located on.

  • Add an Oversize Item (GREEN): You also have the option to add over-sized items from the drop down list shown when the green "Add Oversize Item" Button is selected. This list can be customized accordingly through the "Manage Tab".

  • Add Images (BLUE): You have the option to add images to the estimate as well by selecting "Choose Files".

Once all of the info on this tab is filled out accordingly, ask the customer if they need to purchase any Packing Materials.

If they do not, click the 6th tab, “Quote”. 

***Note: Tabs 4 and 5 (Pack Labor & Storage) are combined into Tab 6 (Quote).***

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