Under the “Inventory” tab, the following needs to be filled out:

  • Total Square Footage (RED): The square footage of the customer's location (not required).

  • Total Estimated Boxes/Totes (ORANGE): How many boxes/totes does the customer anticipates needing moved. (we suggest you input a figure here as it will add additional weight for the boxes to be moved. Otherwise, you can put zero.)

  • Move Size (YELLOW): Size of the move (ex. no. of bedrooms, office, storage, etc.).

  • Inventory (GREEN): Go through the customer’s inventory with them. Items are organized by room, or you may search for a specific item in the search box. Aside from quantity, you may also select the floor the item will be moved to at the new location. Based on the information input on this page, the system will determine the estimated weight, cubic feet, and time of the customer's items to be moved. (If you do not wish to do a full inventory for the customer, you may do a "Percentage Inventory" which allows you to add the number of and type of rooms at the customer's residence.)

  • Materials (BLUE): If packing materials are needed, simply click on the “Add Packing Material” button and select the material(s) from the drop-down and select the quantity needed. (You may also add materials in tab 3 "Materials")

  • Add Images (PURPLE): When doing an on-site estimate, if pictures are taken, you may add images at this point by clicking “Browse” and adding each file individually.

Once you have finished filling out the inventory page, click the 6th tab, “Quote” to move on to the final step of the estimating process.

***Note: Tabs 4 and 5 (Pack Labor & Storage) are not mandatory and are combined into Tab 6 (Quote).***

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