Under the Inventory section on the right side:

Add a Room (RED): This allows you to add as many rooms as you need of what the client has in their dwelling.

Clear All (GREEN): By pressing clear all, this will remove all rooms and inventory items you have selected thus far to start over with your selection.

Floor (PINK): This allows you to choose which floor the room is located on should the dwelling you are estimating be multi level.

Quantity (PURPLE): You can manually select the quantity of a single item.

Delete (YELLOW): Should you need to delete an item from the list you can press the red 'X' in the title section of the room

Changing Room Name (ORANGE): By pressing the pencil icon, you are able to change the name of the room to something else from the list.

How to change the Room Titles in settings:

  1. Manage (Red)

  2. Admin (YELLOW)

  3. Settings (BLUE)

  4. Estimates (GREEN)

  5. Rooms (ORANGE): Once in the rooms page you can change the names of the rooms or add/remove as many as you need to.

Once Inventory is added to each room:

Once inventory is added on second step "Inventory" (BLUE) you will go to sixth step "Quote" (GREEN).

From here you will see your room by room break down with each furniture item that was selected (RED).

The inventory and room by room separation will appear like how it is seen (RED) in this example, and also on work order for movers and customer portal for clients.

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