When within a "Prospect / Customer Profile" you can click on the "Estimates" tab at the top as shown in the below screenshot which is the blue button below. From this page it will show you some important information related to each estimate as well as links to the specific estimate, link to the crew schedule page if booked, and links to email the customer a copy of the estimate or open the customer portal directly.

Below are a outline of the different pieces of information

  • Email Link (RED): You can press "Send" which will send the customer a link to their estimate in the customer portal.

  • Portal (ORANGE): You can press "Open" which will open up the customer portal as the customer would see it for you to view in a popup.

  • Estimate (YELLOW): Here shows you the estimate numbers which are links to take you to the estimate. As you can see above the "Estimate 2471" was an Original Estimate, and the one above it as it shows "Estimate 2481" which is a adjusted or edited estimate of "Estimate 2471".

  • Move Date (GREEN): This is date the customer specified as the actual move date.

  • Est. Date (GREEN): This is the date that the estimate was completed by your staff.

  • Rep (BLUE): This is the initials of the employee that did the estimate. If you hover over the initials it will show you the full name of the employee.

  • Miles (PURPLE): This is the amount of miles round trip for this move.

  • Weight (PURPLE): This is the estimated weight of the move based off of the inventory.

  • Est. Price (PINK): This is the price of the estimate.

  • Status (LIME): If the move is booked it will show booked, the date, and be a link to the crew schedule page. If the move is not booked it will show either "Orig" meaning it is a original estimate or "Adj" meaning it is a adjusted estimate of an original. If a estimate was booked and then cancelled it will show "Cancelled".

  • Action (TURQUOISE): If you accidentally create an estimate you can delete it here. NOTE THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE

  • Create Estimate (BROWN): You have the ability to generate a new estimate for the customer from this page. 

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