Setting up their email

For an employee to receive a password reset they will need to first have their emails set up in their account data. You can add this when you create their account and hit add email or if they have an account set up and they need to add or update their email they can do that in their account settings in the top right.

You can also add the employee's email and update their passwords in the HR Tab

Getting the Password Reset

Once the email is set up your employee's passwords can be sent automatically when they fail to log in or click the forgot password button

When you click on "Forgot Password" it will ask for your user name and require you to complete a CAPTCHA

If you have 3 consecutive failed logins the system will auto send the password to your email

No Permissions

However if they have this screen this means they do not have permissions to login which is either foreman access or sales rep access. If this pops up let us know and we can check their permissions.

Receiving the email

The first email you receive is to ask if you could open the link to receive your new password reset.

When you click on the link it will take you back to the login page and your new password will be in your email.

Changing the password

Once they receive their new password they will be able to login and they can also change their password under their my account tab as well.

Also anyone with HR Permissions can update passwords and their email on their end as well

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