First, you will need to navigate to the employee page. Go to Manage > HR > Employees. From here you can click on an employee or use the search box to find their page.

Once looking at the Employee's  page, click on the "Logins & Permissions" tab as shown below. (RED)

From this page you can edit the:

  • Username (RED):  this is the username they use to login to MoveitPro. Automatically generated from the employee's first and last name.

  • Email (ORANGE): Employee's email address

  • Driver's License (YELLOW): Employee's driver's license number

  • Password (GREEN): This is where you set the password for your employee. Password must be at least 8 characters long, contain one upper case letter, one number, and one special character. 

  • Two-Factor Authentication (BLUE): Enables text authentication. NOTE: A valid cell phone number must be entered on the employees "Contact Information" page in order for this feature to work.
    ***MoveitPro recommends that all users have this setup for "Every Log-in" (Green arrow) as this will be the most secure login procedures. At minimum ALL system admins should have this enabled.

  • Chat Status, Customer Chat, Chat Admin (PURPLE): Enables chat features for your employees to chat with each other or customers. 

  • Groups (LIME): Displays the security groups that this employee has been assigned in order for access to different parts of MoveitPro. ***NOTE this can only be changed by a MoveItPro employee. If you need to give an employee different permissions please contact support via chat***

  • Status (BLACK): Active means they are able to login if they have a group assigned with login permissions. Inactive means they are unable to login regardless if they are a member of groups with login permissions or not. Terminated employees should be marked as "Inactive".

  • Save (GRAY): Remember to save any changes you make 

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