You have the ability to reset passwords for any of your employees. (Permissions must be requested)

You will need to navigate to:
Manage > HR > Employees

You can find your employee in this list or use the search bar to locate their name.

Active Employees (ORANGE): List of all active employees assigned to your company; you can click the first name or last name column to sort employees alphabetically

Search Box (GREEN): search employee names or usernames

Inside the employee account, you can reset the password under "Login and Permissions"

Login & Permissions (BLUE): tab inside the customer account that allows you to reset employee password and assign chat permissions

Password (YELLOW): here you can set a new password for your employee; password must be 8 characters long, contain one upppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and a special character. **Password cannot be any of the last 3 passwords assigned to this employee.** 

Save (PURPLE): make sure to save any changes!

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