When you open a customer's profile, you have the option to see what emails they have received. 

Click "Emails" (RED) to see a complete list. 

From the emails tab you can see when the email was sent out, what email address was the sender, who you emailed, the subject, if the email was opened and if any of the links were clicked in the email.

  • Status (ORANGE): If the green circle shows then that means the email was delivered. If it is red or orange that means it was not delivered and it will say why.

  • Recipient (YELLOW) : The client the email was sent to.

  • Sender (GREEN): How the email was generated, either automated or it will display who emailed the client.

  • Subject (BLUE): Shows the subject that was in the email.

  • View Content (PURPLE): This is a link to view exactly what the email was that went out.

  • Opens (PINK): This shows how many times the email was opened. If you hover over this number it will show you the date and time it was viewed, as well as the location.

  • Clicks (LIME): This shows you how many times they clicked on a link within the email. If you hover over this it will show you what links they clicked and at what time.

  • Resend (TURQUOISE):  You can now resend any email by going to the email tab in the customers profile and clicking the "Resend" button to the right side of the email 

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