Once tabs 1 – 5 are complete, proceed to tab 6, called “Sixth Step - Quote”. In this tab you will see the following:

  • Services Quoted (Green): Here you have the option of selecting the type of quote for the customer- "Guaranteed Quote", "Hourly Estimate", or "Not To Exceed."
    Additional services that can be added to the quote are also listed in this section. Simply check the box next to the service to be added, and then in the “Pricing Area," manually add in the cost for the service.
    You will also notice a small "+" sign at the bottom left of this area - any custom additional services you add into the system will be listed here.

  • Moving (Blue): This area will show the “Move Size", the customer's selected inventory, and the “Total Estimated Boxes/Totes”.

  • Pricing (Red): This is the actual quote for the customer’s move based on the information provided. The price is calculated based on weight, cubic feet, distance, and location accessibility.
    If you are doing an estimate based on a "Percentage Inventory", the price breakdown will be based, for the most part, on the square footage of the location.

    Note: Each field can be changed manually if needed.

    (When the customer receives their estimate via email, they will not see the “Total Est Price.” This is solely for the company's knowledge)

Below the quote, you may add different types of notes.

Job Notes” - only the movers will see this. Job notes do not show on the estimate sent to the customer.

Notes on Invoice” - these are notes you would like the customer to be able to see when they sign the invoice at the time of the move. A maximum of 5 notes may be added to the invoice.
Estimate Notes” - The customer will see these notes when the estimate is emailed to them. Here, you will want to add notes pertaining to the estimate given – things that were mentioned regarding the move, rates given, if there was a discount applied, pricing for storage, etc.
Be sure your notations in this section are thorough, as it can protect you in the event something goes wrong with a move and/or customers have complaints.
This section, as well as the “Events” section, will also keep all of your employees up to speed with what is happening with each customer’s account if different individuals have to access the same estimate.

Once you are finished reviewing the quote, you will want to click "Save" at the top right of the page in order to save the estimate.

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