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Creating a New Estimate
Creating a New Event / Saving Your Estimate
Creating a New Event / Saving Your Estimate
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When the customer's estimate is complete and all notes are recorded, click “Save” on the top right of the “Quote” page.

Once this is done, a “New Event” window will populate as shown below:

  • Source - RED: This will auto-populate as “Phone Inbound: Spoke with”, but it can be changed if needed. (In addition - If you DO NOT want any email to be triggered you will select the "Reviewing Only" from the Source Drop Down Menu.)

  • Person - ORANGE: This will automatically generate the customer name on the Account (if there is more than one persons on the account, you may select the person you spoke to).

  • Interest Status - YELLOW: Use your determination to mark how interested the customer seemed to be in your company's moving services (this status will appear in your list of follow-ups if the customer is not booking their move right away).

  • Follow-Up Override - GREEN: Check this box if the customer requests or if you want the customer to be contacted on a specific date that is different from the date shown next to the “New Event” title.

  • Comment - BLUE: Add any comments pertaining to what you are doing with the estimate. (ex. Sending estimate, booking the job, adjusting the customer's inventory, etc.) This information will be accessible to all users who need to open up the same estimate so they understand what is going on with the customer. THESE NOTES ARE NOT SEEN BY THE CUSTOMER.

  • PURPLE - After filling out the information for the event and the customer is not ready to book their move, click "Pending Job", after-which you will be taken back to the "Dashboard".

    If the customer wishes to book their move right away, click "Schedule Job" button which will take you to your schedule/ calendar to book the move.

    If the customer says they are not interested in booking with your company, click "Not Interested".

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