Once Tab 2, the "Inventory" Tab is complete you will want to ask if the customer needs to purchase any packing materials.

If they do, you will then select Tab 3, the 'Materials' tab
(if you are using itemized inventory, this is not necessary as materials can be added from the inventory page).

(RED) - You will add a packing material by clicking the green "Add a Packing Material" button.
Each time you click this button, a new drop down will appear for a separate packing material to be added.

(ORANGE) - Starting on the left, you will select, from the drop down, which material you need.

(YELLOW) - On the right of the drop down you will see the price for each material selected (this amount can be adjusted if needed).

(GREEN) - You will then input your quantity, either by typing the number in the box, or by using the plus and minus signs next to the quantity box.

(BLUE) - You will see the totals of each material selected on the right.
The total prices will be added up automatically for you and you will see the total cost of all materials on Tab 6, the "Quote" page.

(PURPLE) - the red boxes with an x will allow you to remove any packing materials that are no longer needed

***Note:  Tabs 4 and 5 (Pack Labor & Storage) are not mandatory and are also combined into Tab 6 (Quote).***

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