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Booking a Job
Booking a Job (Fleet Schedule)
Booking a Job (Fleet Schedule)
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When on the final "Quote" Tab, you will scroll all the way to the bottom where the Notes Sections is.

You will then select the "New Event" Button in the bottom left corner of your screen. (RED)
Once selected the window below will open and you will select the green "Schedule Job" button. (YELLOW).

***Make sure to notate that you are booking the job and then click "Schedule Job". Event Notes are used so that other employees are up-to-date with what is going on with each customer's account.***

This will then open your schedule/ calendar. 

You will then click on the Date you would like to schedule to job on.
This will bring you do the "Dispatching Page".

RED: When scheduling a job, in order to place that job to a specific Truck you will select the Truck you would like to schedule on that job and click on the Truck Name.

Once you click on the Truck Name the Confirmation Window will appear.

Once you click the "Save" button in the confirmation window you can then assign crews to your trucks.

  • (GREEN) - Clicking Here will allow you to assign your Men.

  • (RED) - Clicking here will let you Select the Truck to Assign a Job to.

  • (PINK) - Clicking here will allow you to re-open the "Confirm Job" Page to update any information or take a deposit after the job is already scheduled.

  • (BLUE) - Clicking the Rectangles with the Customers Job Info will open the original estimate in a new Tab in your Browser.

  • (ORANGE) - Clicking the "Add Day Note" Button will allow you to add a Note for this Day if there are any Special Instructions for the Day.

  • (YELLOW) - Clicking the "Add Time-Block" Button will allow you to Block out specific Times for certain Trucks. (see image below)

  • (PURPLE) - Clicking "Print Daily Schedule" will allow you to download a PDF of the daily schedule. Clicking "Print Jobs" will allow you to download a PDF of the Invoice, Work Order, Directions, etc. and print them out.

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