Navigate to your dispatch page to move a job. The dispatch page can be accessed by clicking the Truck Icon on the top left of any page in MoveItPro.

Green: The DO NOT BOOK Button is to set a day to show up as do not book on this day on the calendar and on the three day forecast in the estimate

Red: Print job is where you can print out the jobs to hand your foreman if you do paper BoL

Blue: Print Daily Schedule will download a PDF of all your Day notes and an overview of jobs you have Booked that day

Purple: Add Manual Job is to add a job to the schedule that does NOT need to create an estimate or BoL and was done outside the system. You will just fill out all the information in the page that pops up.

Pink: Time Block is to put in a period where that truck may not be available for example maintenance or being used to pick up something that isn't for a move.

Orange: Day Notes are to add notes for the that day, so you can have notes like if you if have any meetings or anything special you want to note about those days.

Brown: This section here will show you all of your day notes and scheduled surveys that you can edit or delete

Yellow: The calendar here is a shortcut to go to any days dispatch page

Drag and Drop

Dragging VERTICALLY moves the job between TRUCKS.
Dragging HORIZONTALLY moves the job between TIME SLOTS.

The job pictured here is currently assigned to "Demo Truck 2". By dragging the blue box, you can assign it to another truck. Below it has been moved to "Demo Truck 1". The truck with the most recent changes will move to the top.

You can also move the job to a new time slot by dragging and dropping the job. Above, you can see the job is scheduled for 7:45 AM - 1:45 PM.

The job has now been moved to 3:15 PM - 9:15 PM.

You can undo any changes by dragging and dropping the job back to its original Truck or Time Slot.

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