When you book any multi-day move you'll need to at least book the first day of the move, (see article for booking a job; either fleet or crew schedule), and then you'll be able to use the Multi-Day Tool. If you like to use two invoices (or just an invoice for each day, please see the Two Invoices article for multi-day) 

The first thing you'll do is click back on the booked job, once it's on your dispatching page.  As shown below with the black arrow.

This will open up that estimate for the job you clicked back on. Once the first day is booked you'll now see a Multi-Day button now available. 

When you select Multi-Day then a menu will pop up which will allow you to create multiple days for one move. 

You'll want to change any of the parameters to match what you want to specify for each day of the move.

As shown above. You will need to change the date, shown in Blue.

The arrival time, shown in Black, and the Type, shown by the Red arrow.

The truck and crew size will also autofill based on the first day.

You will be able to leave notes for each individual day; the customer will see these notes.

The cost of the move is split between both days.

The only thing you'll need to do after this is go to each day after the original booked day and move the job out of the Move Pool and onto an actual truck.
(drag and drop the job onto a truck.)

Please See The Article For Closing Out Multi-Day Jobs
(depending on whether you print your BOL or use the digital BOL)

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