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Closing Out Multi-Day Jobs
Closing Out Multi-Day Jobs

When you use the Multi-Day Tool to list multiple days on one invoice

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To get to the "Closed Out Jobs" please go to Accounting > Closed Out Jobs

This will then take you to the list of jobs that are needing to be closed out.
This list will show all jobs up until today that are not closed out yet.
You will just need to click on the name of the customer and it will open up that specific customers "Close Out Job" page. (shown below)

On the specific customer "Close Out Job" page the following fields are explained. (see images below)

  1. Time Arrived Job: This is the start time for the movers. Needs to be formatted like this --> 9:30am.

  2. Time Finished Job: This is the finish time for the movers. Needs to be formatted like this --> 2:30pm.

  3. Discount Time: This is if you need to specify time not charged to customer, for instance lunch or weather delay.

  4. Total Charged Time: This is the total time charged to the customer including travel time and discount time if any. NOTE: This will calculate automatically once you enter in the Start and Finish times.

  5. Add New Time: This is what you'll use to add the time stamps for the second day of the job. This is also how you'll have your Foreman continue the bill for each day of the job. They do NOT want to Submit the BOL until ALL DAYS ARE INCLUDED on the one Bill Of Lading/Invoice if you're using the Digital BOL.

The next section has to do with the actual charges (refer to the image below)

The first block in (RED) shows how many trucks or moving vans. 

The second block in (ORANGE) shows how many movers or crew members were on the job. 

The third block in (GREEN) shows what the hourly rate was. 

The fourth block in (LIGHT BLUE) shows for how many hours based on the times specified in the previous section. 

The fifth block in (DARK BLUE) shows the calculated Moving Fee based off of the moving hours entered under the Start and Finish times.

The sixth block in (PINK) is the break down of all charges. (Travel Time/Fee, Fuel Surcharge, Packing Materials, etc)
You will also see the Subtotal and Grand Total here.

The seventh block in (PURPLE) is where you can add on any "Additional Charges" if needed.
NOTE: If you do not have any additional charges in your system there will be nothing under the drop down menu.

The eight and final block in (LIME GREEN) is a notes block where you can write in any notes specific to this job after the fact.
For example, anything customer wrote on BOL, any damages on the job, etc.

The next section has to do with the crew and fleet. If you already specified the CREW and FLEET on the "CREW SCHEDULES" page then that information will be shown here.
If not, you can add a new "FLEET" by clicking on the button as seen below with the (RED) outline.
To add employees to this job click on the button with the (PURPLE) outline.

 Next for each employee you will see they have fields as shown below. This is for payroll and this info is used when making your "PAYROLL REPORTS" for your crews. 

The first block in (BLUE) as shown below will automatically put the total amount of hours as this job took.
NOTE: You as an admin may override this number if it is more or less but this will not change the price of the move. The second block in (GREEN) is if your employee makes commission on this job.
The third block in (GOLD) is if this employee gets a bonus for this job.
The forth block in (NAVY BLUE) is if the employee received a tip and the amount of their specific tip goes into this field.
You will also notice a Red Trash Can Icon under "Actions".
If you need to delete an employee that was originally scheduled to this job but was out sick, etc. You may delete them and add another employee accordingly.

The next section has to do with payments and the last step in "Closing Out Job" (see below). The first buttons as outlined in (RED) are to specify what payment type the customer has made. If customer already provided a credit card it will specify it also in this area. The next button as outlined in (PURPLE) is if the job is a bill job and you are not receiving payment now. If Bill Job is clicked the move will remove itself from the "Closed Out Jobs" page but will still be pending waiting for payment to be closed out.

The next fields first one being "GRAND TOTAL" outlined in (green) is the "GRAND TOTAL" of the move. The next field "PAYMENTS TOTAL" outlined in (ROYAL BLUE)shows how much in payments have already been applied. The last field "BALANCE DUE" outlined in (GOLD) shows how much is still due.

When a balance is still due the green "Close Out Job" button outlined in (NAVY BLUE) at the bottom right will not be able to be clicked. Once the "BALANCE DUE" reaches $0.00 then the "Close Out Job" button may be clicked.

NOTE: The "Send Completed Job Emails" button is checked by default but if you uncheck this then the customer will not receive the emails you have defined to be sent after a job is closed out.

When a job is closed out it will then disappear from the "CLOSED OUT JOBS" list page and the job "GRAND TOTAL" will reflect in all company reports, dashboard, etc for "Completed".

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