You will notice 6 different tabs when creating an estimate.

The first tab, “Move Info”, will be where basic move details are entered: (refer to video below)

  • (BLACK) - Customer Name/Info: Here you will see the customers name you entered when starting the estimate. If by chance the name was spelled wrong or information was forgotten, you can select the Yellow Pencil Icon next to their name to edit/add information.
    You will also have this same option on the Final Tab, "Quote".

  • (RED) - Service Date: Select the date the customer is planning to move on. Use the 3 bars below the service date to determine availability for the date selected, as well as the day before and after.

  • (BLUE) - Type of Service: Select from the drop-down the type of job you will be handling for the customer?

  • (YELLOW) - Origin/ Destination Addresses: When filling in the addresses, you may capture the entire address, or just zip codes (if you only capture zip codes at this point, you will ask for the full address [if the customer actually books the job] when you are on the confirmation page.) You may also enter a Complex or Neighborhood Name or and Apartment or Suite #, but this is not required.

  • (GREEN) - Origin/ Destination Type: Use the drop down to choose whether the location is a House, Apartment, Storage Unit, ETC...And how many Floors/what floor it is on. If anything above Floor 1 is selected the option for an elevator will appear to the right of the Floors drop down menu.
    (EXAMPLE: If it is a 2 Story House/Apt you will select BOTH floors 1 and 2. If it is an Apt/Condo on the 3rd story, ONLY select Floor 3.)

  • (ORANGE) - Origin/ Destination Truck Distance: Select from the drop-down the walking distance between where your truck will be parked and the entrance to the customer's location.

  • (PURPLE) - Add Extra Stop: Clicking the green "Add Extra Stop" button will allow you to add one or more stops in-between location A and location B.
    (EXAMPLE: If the customer needs to make a stop to pick up/drop off an item in a storage unit. This will automatically add time/distance accordingly.)

  • (PINK) - Distance Calculator: Click “calculate” to calculate the distance miles and driving time for the move. (The system utilizes Google Maps to determine this info as seen on the little map to the right [Above in GRAY]). You may opt for the system to calculate the round-trip of the move, or origin to destination.

  • (BROWN) - Events: All internal event notes tied to the customer will be listed here. Customers CANNOT see any of these notes. This section will contain dated, rep initials of who created the event, actions taken, outcomes, persons spoken to, estimate numbers, comments, and it will date and timestamp each individual entry (you can see this by hovering over the date of the event).


***NOTE: YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO MOVE TO TAB 2 once all of the required information has been entered and the distance has been calculated.***

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