So these series of articles will have everything that You went over in your second training. This will have information such as the Dispatch Page, The BoL, Closing out Jobs, HR Tab and Editing the Verbiage on your BoL, Invoice and Estimates

Dispatch Page

The Dispatch Page is where you will see your schedule for the day Moves, Surveys and any day notes you may have

The BoL

The BoL or Bill of Lading is where you can get all the paper work filled out for the customer and your foreman can access that through their Foreman Tab

We also offer a Mobile app that can make your Digital BoL needs much easier and cleaner to see

Closing Out Jobs

For a Job to show up as completed you will need to close out a job this is also your chance to collect any payments you may not have gotten yet.

HR Tab

The HR Tab is where you can add employees change their passwords or update any of their information.

Editing Verbiage

Now for your homework we asked if you could review your verbiage on your estimates and BoL so I will link you a couple places to help you with your homework

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