To close a job go to Accounting-->Closed Out Jobs

This list will show all past and same-day jobs that have yet to be closed out.

Click on the name of the customer or invoice number and it will open that customer’s "Close Out Job" page. (shown below)

On the specific customer "Close Out Job" page the following fields are explained. (see images below)

  1. Start Time (RED): Start time for the movers. Can be formatted as either h:mm or hh:mm so long as AM or PM are next to it. 

  2. Stop Time (RED): Finish time for the movers. Can be formatted as either h:mm or hh:mm so long as AM or PM are next to it. 

  3. Add New Time (GREEN): Add another start and stop time here if move was a split shift

  4. Discount Time (ORANGE): Specifies time not charged to customer, such as lunch or weather delay.

  5. Total Charged Time (YELLOW): Total time charged to the customer including travel time and discount time if any. NOTE: This will calculate automatically once you enter in the Start and Finish times.

  6. Print Invoice (PURPLE): Print BOL for your records

The next section has to do with the actual charges (refer to the image below)

(RED): Number of trucks or moving vans assigned to the job.

(ORANGE): Number of movers or crew members were assigned to the job. 

(YELLOW): Hourly rate  

(GREEN): Hours the customer was charged for

(BLUE): calculated Moving Fee based off the moving hours

(PINK):  break down of all charges. (Travel Time/Fee, Fuel Surcharge, Packing Materials, etc) You will also see the Subtotal and Grand Total here.

(LIME): add on any "Additional Charges" if needed. Here you can see the added "Dump Fee".
NOTE: If you do not have any additional charges in your system there will be nothing under the drop down menu.

(PURPLE):  a notes block where you can write in any notes specific to this job after the fact. For example, anything customer wrote on BOL, any damages on the job, etc.

This section has to do with the crew and fleet. If you already specified the CREW and FLEET on the SCHEDULE then that information will be shown here. 

Here you will see Payroll information for employees and Fleet information for trucks. 

Add Employees/Add Fleets (RED): Add trucks or employees who were not originally assigned to the job 

Crew (ORANGE): Crew assigned to the job and their payroll info. Hours worked, travel time (if you compensate for this), bonuses, any tips or service fees your crew is entitled to are added here.

Actions (YELLOW): Click the trash can to delete any employee who called out or didn't work the job.

Fleets (GREEN): Trucks assigned to the job. 

Actions (BLUE): Click the trash can to delete any truck that did not go out on the job. 

This is the final section. Here you will take payment, add any additional notes, and close the job. 

Payment Options (RED): Here you can take payment from the customer. 

  • "Add Credit Card" takes payment from a card immediately. 

  • "Add Manual Card" is ONLY if the customer paid outside MoveItPro but you want to make record of the payment. 

  • "Add Check Payment" will ask for a check number to reference

  • "Add Cash Payment" takes a record if the job was paid in cash

Bill Job/File Claim (ORANGE): "Bill Job" indicates the client will pay their bill at a later date. This sends them a copy of their bill and moves their move to the "Billed Jobs" area in Accounting > Close Out Jobs. "File Claim" allows customer or movers to start a claim for a damaged item. 

Payments (YELLOW): "Grand Total" refers to all charges from the job. "Payments Total" shows if a customer has paid a deposit or any fees up front. "Balance Due" will be "Grand Total" less "Payments Total". Click "Charge Amount to Card" to take any card payments. 

Notes (GREEN): The final place you can add notes to the invoice. Click "Add Notes on Invoice". You can also view notes previously entered by clicking the "Internal Notes", "Jobs Notes", or "Notes on Invoice " tabs. You can ONLY edit, delete, or add notes on the "Notes on Invoice" tab at this stage. 

Send Completed Jobs Emails (BLUE): Sends job completed emails to customer. Checked by default. If you uncheck this, the customer will not receive any post-move emails.  

Close Out Job (Purple): Final step to complete the job. You can click this and submit the job once the "Balance Due" reaches $0.00.  

When a job is closed out it will then disappear from the "CLOSED OUT JOBS" list page and the job "GRAND TOTAL" will reflect in all company reports, dashboard, etc for "Completed".

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