One of the best features of the MoveitPro app is the ability to take signatures and payment through the app. This can be done without internet access.

First, make sure you are able to see the app on your app. It should look similar to the image below.

Clicking this job will take you to the Summary page pictured below.

In order to proceed to the BOL, you MUST select "En Route" to let the customer know you are on your way.

This will automatically open the BOL.

BOL/Invoice Information (RED): Contains BOL Number, company information, and contact information for the client.

Logistics (ORANGE): Shows the Origin and Destination Addresses along with any additional stops.

Invoice (YELLOW): Allows you to navigate back to the invoice after uploading photos, taking payment, or entering information on addendums.

Payment (BLUE): Processes credit card payments offline. Also allows you to notate check and cash payment.

Addendum (PURPLE): Lets you complete addendums and collect client signatures.

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