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Addons and Bonus Features

Are you looking for ways to improve your Move it Pro software. Here is a list of all of our bonus features you can add on to your software!

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Call Center

Our Call center is one of the best things about MoveitPro. If you are looking to get a competitive edge over other moving companies, our call center is the way to do it. Our call center is able to take all of your calls, weekend calls, or after-hours calls. We have a full team dedicated to chasing down leads and booking your jobs.

MoveitPro Call Center

Inbound and Outbound Calls

You can receive and make calls to your customers through our software and have those calls recorded and attached to the customer's account for easy accessibility. Really helpful for those customers who talk really fast to be able to go over the call one more time to make sure everything is correct.

MoveitPro Outbound Calling
Click Here to learn about recording Inbound Calls

Email Verification

This is to verify any emails that a new lead gives you before adding them to the system. This will help prevent emails you send out from bouncing and help improve communication with the customer.

Email Header Designs

Do you want to upgrade your email header to have a great design that all your leads and customers will see?

Email Templates

Automated text messages

You probably already know anyone under the age of 30 does not read their emails, so text them instead. With automated text messaging you can send them all of their estimate and invoice info. You can also use this as a way to text your customers in regards to their moves.

Click here for Automated Text Messages

Pro App

This is a great feature if you want them to be able to pull up the job in style with bonus features such as being able to collect signatures and document payments with no signal. We also have GPS tracking for the ProApp so your driver's location is just a click away.

Full Service

If you are part of our starter program and are enjoying the software, we really recommend looking into our Full-Service package. This includes features such as Payroll, Live Chat, Inter-office chat, our optimized customer review feature that can help filter negative reviews and direct good reviews to your review sites, Claims, and Storage.

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