A few things before you start making in-system calls:

  1. We suggest using a headset plugged directly into your computer. This will ensure the highest level of call quality for your customer and also your recording! HERE is a link to the headsets our MoveitPro call center reps use.

  2. You will need to turn your pop-up blocker off before making any in-system calls. HERE is a tutorial page to show you how to allow pop-ups from a site.

First you can set an employee as able to answer inbound calls in their HR tab and login and permissions. Then check the incoming call status.

Then you will receive a new dashboard window that will appear for all employees who who have Inbound calling enabled

Then to start receiving calls they will make themselves available, and whenever they are done for the day they can set themselves as offline.

If all users who have access to calls are offline or unavailable it will forward them to your voicemail

Taking the Call when it comes in

Once they are all online and a call comes in it will pop up if it is a new number it will only show the number however if the number is already in the system then their name in the system will pop up as well

When answered if it is a new prospect it will open a new tab (which is why we need pop-ups enabled) take you to the new prospect page where you can fill out the rest of their information. If they are a current customer it will take you to their Account Tab.


Do not close the other tab as that tab is where you are recording the call and have access to the call controls. This is where you can write down notes of the call, mute yourself, put the customer on hold, and open the keypad if you need access to any other buttons while on the call.

Once the call is complete, the control panel will then ask if you want to save the call. You can also put any extra notes down as well.

If ignored, you will get this pop-up asking if you wanted to save it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us either by your account manager or you can always use our live chat as well.

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