SMS Messaging Is 50$ a month Per 1,000 messages.

Messages do not roll over to the following month.

If you go over 1,000 messages in a month it with charge another $50 for another 1,000 messages.

Once you click the link it will bring you to this page. Fill out the information and you will be on your way.

Once you are set up for SMS Messaging, You will get these standard notifications

The first three messages above will work just like the automated emails and will send a corresponding text message as well.

The En route SMS is for the Moveitpro App. When you begin traveling and hit start it will send this SMS message.

Other messages can be added as well. Your SMS messages are not locked to the defaults listed above.

Once you have SMS Messaging, you will be able to see all message notifications in the envelope button shown in the red box in the screenshot below.

You can also go to your client's account data and under SMS Messaging respond and view the entire conversation as shown in the screenshot below.

So if you are interested in SMS let your account manager know and fill out this form

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