MoveitPro has the capability for moving company owners to run multiple branches in their software. When you schedule a job to the wrong branch, you can correct this by following the steps below.

First, you will edit the customer's branch by clicking "Edit" in their profile.

Next, you will assign the customer to the correct branch. you can do this from the "Branches" section.

Now that the customer has been assigned to the correct branch, you will need to copy the original estimate. This will transfer the customer's information from the previous branch to their updated branch.

You will want to double-check all pricing on tab 6 to ensure the customer is being booked with the same information.

Once the original estimate has been copied, you can schedule the copy the same way you normally would.

If you do not want the customer to receive an email for this change make sure to select "reviewing only" when scheduling.

When the customer has been scheduled to the correct branch, you should show two estimates for the same date in the customer's profile.

From this window, you can cancel the original estimate. This will remove the customer from the wrong branch. To ensure you cancel the correct job, make sure the estimate appears lower on the list. It will also have a lower estimate number.

In the example above, you would cancel the bottom estimate. This shows lower because it was created first. You can also see this estimate is older because its number is 3081. You will cancel the older job and leave the newer job on the schedule.

Please feel free to ask in chat if you have any questions!

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