1. New Employee Scheduling Calendar. We are excited to announce the release of a comprehensive new development which will allow our companies to manage their employee's availability, and time off requests in the system.

  2. Variable labor rate, depending on the day of the week. One of the more popular feature requests has been to provide the ability to support different labor rates according to specific days, such as incorporating a separate weekend rate. We are pleased to report we have developed this feature!

  3. New estimate option to require the estimate is signed to allow a job to be booked. We have introduced a new feature to the estimate settings. When this is enabled estimates will require an e-signature for a job to be booked. This setting can be found in the customer portal tab in the estimate settings.

  4. Packing Services now automatically selected on step 6 of the estimate. If packing labor is selected on the 4th step of an estimate, this charge is now automatically applied to the 6th step of the estimate.

  5. Passwords are now able to be reset over SMS. We have now implemented the ability for our users to reset their password via text message.

  6. IP address now included when running an employee audit. When preforming an employee audit trail, the IP address is now captured and included for each logged event in the system.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Reports by Move Date not presenting chronologically. After a recent update, the “Booked by Customer” and “Sales by Customer” reports, jobs were not listed by move date. This has been addressed.

  2. Custom job color only applied to one truck. For some clients when selecting an alternative color for a move with multiple trucks, the desired color would only apply to the initial truck. This has been resolved.

  3. Additional truck appearing on the dispatch page. In a few instances, an additional truck would be added to a move on the dispatch page. This has been corrected.

  4. Crew Name/Initials Not Visible on Dispatch Page. In a few reported cases crew members assigned to a job were not displaying on their assigned job. This has been fixed.

  5. Bottom Signatures Not Displayed on Printed BOL. After a recent update it was discovered that the bottom signatures where omitted when printing the Texas BOL. This has been corrected.

  6. Images not able to upload to an estimate. To correct this we have implemented an automatic image resizer into the system, allowing larger image files to be seamlessly integrated into the client's documents.

  7. Trucks defaulted with an additional dollar. Newly created trucks had previously defaulted to include a dollar to their associated move. This value was intended to serve as a placeholder in the development stage, and has been removed. All new trucks added to the fleet will no longer include this charge.

  8. Unable to add new credit card when using the Mobile App. In some systems a new card was not able to be attached to the client's account when using the Mobile App. This has been resolved.

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