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Creating Different Day Rates
Creating Different Day Rates

How can I set up different labor rates per day

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What are Different Day Rates?

Different day rates will be used for if you charge a different labor rate for say Mon. - Thur. than you would Fri. - Sun. So in this Example we will be going over how I can set up my to say we charge $150 per hour Mon. - Thur. but charge $170 per hour Fri. - Sun.

Locating Labor Price

Estimate Settings

We will first need to get to the Estimate Settings tab we can get there by going to Manage > Estimate Settings > Main Estimate Settings.

Labor Price Estimate

Once you are in the Estimate Settings you will see some tabs at the top then we are going to select Labor Price Estimate

Adding in a Labor Rate and Selecting the day

Then you can click add Labor Rate, select the amount of people the rate will be for and then enter in the Price per Hour and we have created our new condition

Selecting the Days

Now we can click the Select Days button on the condition we just created and select the days so for my example I would be selecting Mon. - Thur. Then I would do the same for the other condition I have making it so Fri. - Sun. will be set to the 170/ hour rate.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us via chat or send you account manager an email and we would be happy to help!

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