1. SMS trigger for employees scheduled for a survey: We have implemented the ability in the system to send an Automated SMS to notify an employee that they have been scheduled to conduct a survey.

  2. Executives able to attach multiple claims to the same invoice. We have added the ability for executive to create more than one claim to an invoice in the event multiple claims need to be filed on a job.

  3. Employees now provided Foreman access. New employees in the system are now automatically granted Foreman permission.

  4. Setting added to ignore follow up automation rules. We have introduced a new setting which when selected the follow up automation rules will be disabled allowing all follow up reminders to be visible until completed.

  5. Terms and Conditions not easily printable from the back page of the BOL. To increase user convenience and productivity, we have introduced a "Print" button on the back page of the BOL.

  6. New SMS trigger for employees scheduled to conduct a survey. For our client's taking advantage of our SMS service, we have added a new feature which will automatically message an employee to inform him or her that they have been scheduled to perform an estimate survey.

  7. Add an Item on the Estimate. You can now add a custom item on to the Estimate.

  8. Marking an Estimate as a Duplicate. You can now mark old or accidental Estimates as Duplicates, Doing this will also take the estimate out of the Leads and Follow ups tabs. You can do this in the customer's account data under their Estimates Tab

  9. Taking Payments related to a current Claim. You can now charge or document a payment related to a claim

  10. Pending Jobs now show up on page 1. Now you can see how many pending jobs are scheduled for the day when selecting a service date

Bug Fixes:

  1. Addendum Signatures Appearing only on the App for some Clients. This has been addressed.

  2. Printing the Invoice from the customer portal results in an extension-less file. This has been adjusted to save as a .pdf file by default.

  3. Scheduled Employee SMS displaying incorrect name of employee for some clients. This has been fixed.

  4. HR Managers not able to check off Foreman permissions. Has been fixed

  5. Fixed Branch Drop Downs. Now when selecting a branch from any drop down menu's it will display the full name of the of the Branch

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