So you've created an estimate and curious how MoveitPro calculates the Crew Size and Move Time? You've come to the right place!

Itemized Inventory:

Moving Hours (Red) and Crew Size (Blue) are both directly related to the Move Time inputted on each Inventory Item. By going to Manage- Admin- Settings- Estimates- Inventories, you can see on each inventory item, along with the Cuft and Weight, there is a field for Moving Time (Yellow).

This Moving Time value is the amount of time it takes one mover to move that item from the origin to the truck and then from the truck to the destination.

So in this example, the Sofa/Couch is listed as 52 minutes. That means it will take our one mover 52 minutes to move that Sofa from the Living Room to the truck and then from the truck to the new Living Room.

When adding itemized Inventory to the estimate in Tab 2, the system will take the Moving Time of each item and add it together. That total is then translated into crew size by the parameters set in the Man Hour Calculations which can be found at Manage- Admin- Settings- Estimates- Moving Estimates- Man Hour Calculations.

Using these Man Hour Calculations (Note: The above settings are found in our demo system and are defaulted in all MiP systems, but individual companies may have updated their calculations so may differ), if the total Moving Time of all inventory items is between 0-5 hours, that job will have a crew size of 2.

However, this does not mean that the Moving Hours listed on Tab 6 will equal the total time of all inventory items because we now have a crew size of 2. That couch that took 52 minutes for one mover, now has two movers, so the Moving Hours will be 0.50 hours (green).

When additional inventory is added, the same formula will apply. In this example, the inventory Moving Time equalled roughly 11.5 hours. In our above Man Hour Calculations, we can see that a move of that size is going to suggest a crew size of 3. When we have 3 movers, those Moving Hours are then reduced to 4.

Hopefully, this takes away some of the mystery! As always, we are available in our support chat if you ever have any questions!

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