1. Sales Leaders This Month now displays an icon of the team member listed. In preparation for our upcoming new customer portal launch, we have now incorporated the profile picture next to each sales rep listed in the Sales Leaders This Month.

  2. Improved Job Time Block Format. In an effort to improve readability of a job's details, we have grouped the displayed information into related groups, allowing the details of a move to be easily seen at a quick glance.

  3. Count of available movers now visible. On the monthly calendar and dispatch page the number of available movers is now listed, provide a more comprehensive view of the manpower and scheduling capacity for a given day.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Packing Hours not divided on Multi-Day Moves. The packing hours on multi-day moves were not separating across the duration of the move days. This has been updated.

  2. Packing Rate showing N/A on the BOL. In some instances the packing rate was displaying a value of N/A. We have corrected this issue.

  3. Search feature improved. When searching for a client by a phone number, the full phone number would not yield a search result. This has been adjusted to allow results from both partial and complete phone number searches.

  4. Manual Completed jobs not included in dashboard statistics. Manual Completed Jobs were previously only reported in the Sales by Booked Date report. We have updated this. These jobs are now factored into all sales reports and included in the dashboard statistics.

  5. Printed Payroll Report design. The payroll report was discovered to result in overlapping text when printed. The formatting of this report has been updated to address this issue.

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