If you do not have a web form

Move it Pro offers two different web forms that can use on your website our Short Form and Long Form

Creating a CRM Email

To start having leads either from your Lead Providers or your own web forms you will first need to have us create you a CRM email (ex: Yourbusiness@crm.moveitpro.com) once that is created you can use that to send to any lead providers to start sending to your system.

Your Web forms format to import to Move it Pro

Our system can only accept forms that come in as plain text or separated by html elements. We will NOT accept any other format or have an api to interact with.

This is an example of plain text:

Fields that can transfer

  • Name:

  • First Name:

  • Last Name:

  • Email:

  • From State:

  • From City:

  • From Zip:

  • To State:

  • To City:

  • To Zip:

  • Move Date:

  • Work Phone:

  • Home Phone:

  • Mobile Phone:

  • Approx. Move Weight:

  • Best Time To Call:

  • Additional Comments:

  • Origin Floor:

  • Destination Floor:

We do require at least 1 name field, 1 phone number field, and the email field to be sent. Otherwise the lead will not be validated.

Parsing the web forms to our system

Once everything above is all set you can then forward a copy of the email you receive from your web form to your account manager and we can begin setting up our lead parse. Once we finish setting up all the fields we will then require you to add your account manager's email and the CRM email we created for you on the emailing list. Then we will send a form through to test the email parse. Please remember we will need the email that is sending the information and to make sure the CRM email is being sent a direct email. Once everything has been tested and everything is all set you can remove your account manager's email from the sending list all we will need is the CRM email list to receive the email.

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