The estimator tasked with doing the in home survey can now use the Move it Pro Mobile app to do the survey on their device.

If you currently do not have the Move it Pro Mobile Pro app contact you account manager or reach out to us via our live chat about setting it up!

Starting the survey

Red: The estimator can access the customers info and begin the survey by clicking on the customers name

Yellow: The estimator can upload photos through the app by clicking on the photos tab and either using their camera to take or upload from their gallery any photos they have.

Green: Is for the estimator to go back to the estimate page and continue editing the estimate

Blue: These are the steps the estimator can click trough to update and add any fields they want

Here the estimator can add or edit any packing materials the customer may require.

Then finally the estimator can add any additional charges make any changing to the pricing necessary and give the customer a quote on the spot.

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