Scheduling a Survey is done directly from Tab 1 of any estimate. You can see the option at the bottom of the screen next to "Proceed to Inventory".

On Tab 1 of the estimate, you will have the option to select "Schedule a Survey" after entering the Origin and Destination. (Note: if you do not have a destination, you may enter the same address in both the origin and destination fields and update at a later time).

Clicking "Yes" will take you to the Office calendar to pick a date for the Survey.

After selecting a date, you will see a confirmation window where you will add the final details to your in-home estimate.

Arrival Time (RED): Time of the survey

Estimator (ORANGE): Staff member you are scheduling to the survey

Contact Person (YELLOW): Name of the customer. This is auto-populated when you are scheduling a survey from tab 1 of the estimate.

Phone (GREEN): Add a phone number for the customer. If there is one already associated to this customer, it will auto-populate.

Estimate (BLUE): Estimate number for the survey. This auto-populates from Tab 1.

Comments (Purple): Add any comments your estimator may need to know before heading to their survey.

The Survey will show on the Office calendar (above).

Surveys will also show on the "Booked Jobs" schedule as a day note (above).

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