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Adding New Payment Types
Adding New Payment Types

How to add additional Payment types into your system

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Users are able to add new payment types that are not defaults in our system:

Custom payment methods are a great way to document payments via other payment methods such as PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, etc...

Green: You can find the settings for the different Payment types under Manage > Payments > Payment Types

Red: is to add a new payment to your list of custom payment types.

Blue: is to enable new payment types for documentation.

Pink: is to update a payment type or delete a payment type.

Yellow: To select a custom payment type you will select custom in the drop down menu and a new drop down menu for custom payment type.

Blue: Is the drop down menu where you can select the customer's payment method if paying via a custom payment method.

Here is how the Custom payment methods will look on the Bill of Lading.

Gold: Is how custom payments will show on the invoice and where they can be edited and deleted if needed.

You can also view payments via the Payments Received report under the Sales Reports tab.

Orange: You can organize your payments received by payment type by clicking on the payment types.

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