Updates / New Features

  1. Added new chat feature so our customers have 24/7 support by using the built in chat function within their MoveitPro. All they need to do is click the chat icon on the bottom right of the screen to chat with our team in real time.

  2. Redesigned our Help Desk for customers to see tutorials and explanations on all features. http://help.moveitpro.com

  3. On the "Close Out Jobs" page now has a sort feature at top where you can sort between "Billed Jobs" and "Current Jobs" needing to be closed out.

  4. Truck Distances during estimates defaults now to "Less than 50 feet".

  5. Changed Navigation title for SCHEDULES > JOBS to SCHEDULES > BOOKED JOBS.

  6. Added new dynamic tag for automated emails for "Sales Rep Phone".

  7. Added new notes section to the "Crew Schedules" page for adding notes for specific days. Read More...

  8. Added "Lead Status" to the lead section so you can sort and search for leads easily and keep track of the status of leads. Read More...

  9. Made the "Total Estimated Boxes / Totes" field during the estimate not required to move forward in the estimate creating process.

  10. Added the ability to change verbiage within MoveitPro to better match what your company calls things. For instance "Travel Time, Guaranteed Quote, Fuel, Etc." You can now decide what you want those items called in your system and it will change their name anywhere that they appear in the system. Example if you want "Guaranteed Quote" to be called "Flat Price". You will need to go to MANAGE > ADMIN > SETTINGS > ESTIMATES > ESTIMATE SETTINGS > EDIT VERBIAGE.

  11. When logging an event you can set the outcome to "Review Only" which will allow you to save the event without sending any emails to the customer.

  12. Allowed more fields to be edited on the Invoice / BOL which can be seen on the PDF Invoice Text page in the Admin area.

  13.  Added Additional Services / Charges to the page 6 "Quote" by clicking on the [+] button under services quoted. This now allows you to add any additional charges you would like to your estimates such as "Dump Fee, Crating, Piano Charge, Etc.". You will need to go to MANAGE > ADMIN > SETTINGS > ESTIMATES > ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

Bug Fixes

  1. On prospect and customer list pages the page numbers at the bottom were not showing properly. This is fixed.

  2. When changing employee status to "Terminated" was getting error. This is fixed.

  3. When closing out jobs and marking job as "Bill Job" it was not submitting the employee hours for the job. This is fixed.

  4. Several glitches after we moved servers as for JavaScript etc. creating problems with the way MoveitPro looked for users. This is fixed.

  5. When adding additional stops during a estimate on page 1 "Move Info" it would require you to hit calculate before allowing you to add additional stops. This is fixed.

  6. Google Calendar Sync was showing off by 1 hour for bookings in mid March because it was not accounting for Daylight Savings Time. This is fixed.

  7. Minimum Hours was not displaying right if during estimate employee manually changed the manual hours. This is fixed.

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