After creating an estimate, you have the ability to then edit the estimate after the original has been saved. Simply open the estimate back up and click "Edit Estimate." 

NOTE: You only need to edit an estimate if...

  1. The customer needs to add/remove items from their inventory.

  2. Packing materials, packing labor, or storage needs to be added.

  3. The quote needs to be adjusted.

  4. There is a change in the customer's address(es). (Note: This is only if there is a significant change in distance and if the job is not booked. If the job is booked you can update addresses in the confirmation window via the dispatch screen.)

Once you click "Edit Estimate", you will have the option to remove the job from the schedule or keep it on the schedule.

"Keep On The Schedule" (GREEN) - This allows you to change pricing, men, trucks, add inventory, and make any other changes to the estimate you may need. The job will stay on the schedule and no new emails will be resent to the customer. After selecting this option, you will have the opportunity to recalculate the price. Click the link below to see how to edit an estimate without rebooking.

"Remove From The Schedule" (RED) - This will allow you to edit the estimate and remove it from the schedule. This requires the estimate to be manually rebooked. Note: If you choose this option, the job will be removed from the schedule to allow you to make the necessary changes. You can then re-book the job if needed. This option will send a new email to the customer with any updates you have made.

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