Within your company's referral sources, there is an option to add referral partners. These can be local businesses or realtors who may refer business to you. This functionality allows you to track specific referral sources in your reports without them being visible from the customer's view.

First, you'll want to set up your Partners under "Referred by Sources Management"

Manage > Admin > Settings > Application > Referred by Sources

Once in Referred by Source management, you can mark Partner sources by checking "Partner" next to the source.

This generates a new tab for Partner Sources.

Partner Sources require a Parent source to be entered.

When adding a partner source to a new prospect, you will first need to add the Parent source. See the gif below.

You also have the option to select "custom" and create a referral source as you are putting in the prospect.

Both options will populate separate line items on your Referral Source reports so you are able to see exactly where all your leads come from!

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