In order to set pricing you will FIRST want to go to your referral sources tab, you can click on the button below to learn how to add/edit referral sources:

You will find this page under:

Manage > Admin > Settings > Application > Referred by Sources

The Management page will open this page:

Name (Red): Company you receive leads from 

Unit Cost (Orange): unit cost of each lead provider; in order for the Lead ROI report to generate you must have the unit cost entered in this column.

In order to get to the report you will want to take the following steps: 

Reports > Leads > Lead ROI

This will pull up your Lead ROI Report: 

Start/End Date (Purple): This is where you will pick what date ranges you want to pull the report for.

View (Teal): Once you have selected the date ranges you will select the view button to for the report to pop-up with a view of the dates selected.

Export to PDF (Neon Green): Selecting this button will create a PDF format of this report

Branch Dropdown (Hot Pink): This drop-down bar is where you are able to select which branch(es) you would like to review the report for.

Name (Brown): Shows the title of the referral sources.

Leads (Plum): Shows you how many leads have come from the referral source

Unit Cost (Navy Blue): A total of how much you have paid for all of the leads that have come in from that specific referral sources based off of the unit cost you entered in when creating/adjusting the referral source.

Booked # (Yellow): Tells you the total # of leads you have actually booked

Booked $ (Light Pink): Shows you the total amount of revenue generated from the booked jobs

ROI (Light Green): Displays the return of investments you've made off of this particular referral source based off of a percentage. If the number is green this means you have made more off of the referral source than you have paid; and you are exceeding your profits for that referral source. If the number is red with a negative symbol, this means that you have made less money than you have paid to receive these leads; and you are now in the negatives with that company. If the number is set to 0.00% your company has either broken even with the cost you paid, and made off of the leads, or you have not had any leads come in from these companies specifically. 

Disclaimer: The Leads ROI report can only be set by flat priced leads, if you are paying a percentage of what you have booked we currently do not have the functionality to support this in this report. 

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