MoveitPro allows its customers to manage their users and permissions without needing the assistance of the MoveitPro staff.

STEP 1 - Click your username at the top right in the navigation and open 'Billing/User Management'.

You should now see a 'Manage Subscriptions' window.

STEP 2 - Click your subscription.

STEP 3 - Click 'Edit Subscription'

STEP 4 - Use the plus or minus symbols to either add or remove users.

STEP 5 - Once the number of users has been adjusted, click 'Update Subscription' to save your changes.

Your subscription will then update immediately and your card on file will be charged a pro-rated amount depending on how many days are left in your billing cycle.

It is important to keep the following in mind when updating your users:

  1. When adding a new user, you must first adjust your billing BEFORE the system will allow you to adjust permissions for the new user (if all of your seats are being used)

  2. If you are removing a user, you must first remove the permissions from that user before you are able to remove the user from your billing.

  3. You will not be able to adjust your billing to go below your minimum number of users.

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